Friday, April 16, 2021

N - Nature's Illusions


Picking up the seashells 
As I walked down the shore
I heard those voices, following behind,
Of the age-old folklore
Like the footprints in the sand
'Only the distinctive ones in the lot
Carry that sacred scar they got
A bounty to each prophecy 
That has ever been 
By the mankind sought'
Painstakingly thus, I collected as many
One for each... of the hallucination's company
Just then, into my ears, softly whispered
Those few sand grains that had lingered
Aren't these another of the nature's illusions
They smirked, when I tried to brush them off
And asked me they in all their confusion
As for the bribing of that fortune
How were they any different, even if a rough-hewn 
For finally, when the sea waves rose
And in their mighty tides came
Towards the shore for us all
They washed away everything alike
The seashells, 
The sand grains,
The footprints et al.

PS : This post is posted as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge for the letter N. 
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April #NaPoWriMo2021 and #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour.


Purba chakraborty said...

You've captured such a profound philosophy in your poem. Beautiful!loved the last 7 lines.

Raun said...

Beautifully written,the last few lines are so true in life

Arti said...

And this should be the anthem for the modern times. There's no one better than the other--no race, no colour, no religion, no country, no history, no being.

Srivalli Rekha said...

Such profound philosophy you present in your verses, Ira.

Durga Prasad Dash said...

Sometimes we know. But still is is difficult to get rid of attachments to things temporary.

Suchita said...

What a wonderful story you have conveyed via these lines.

Deepa Gopal said...

"They washed away everything alike/The seashells,/The sand grains,/The footprints et al."
Wow Ira, that's so good! What an end to a beautiful poem!