Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happiness a myth

Please don’t go by the title of the post since I am not intending to target my content of this post anywhere near to the title. Its just that I felt the title just resembles the state of the mind we are in right now just before our first end-term commences and the verdict for this term is declared. When we just started to feel that we feel no more...when we just started to smile and wonder when was the last time we smiled...when we just looked at the clock and wondered will I manage to pull off some sleep before dawn tomm...when 24 hrs seemed to be as unjustified in the day as the marks of our course ....when happiness seemed to be entwined with performance in the courses and seemed like a far away myth...there was a notice there declaring a sentence ...infact another sentence to death...attendance compulsory....Kathakali performance in audi at 7 P.M.
A hue and cry in the batch...statements like “what the hell is going on??”...”Abey end term mein kathakali karne se pass karenge kya?”....”Yaar bas yahi baki tha ab karne ko...seedha goli ya hang kyun nahi kar dete”...and a lot other comments.But notice was from dean office so no one dared to disobey and meek like a mice the batch trotted to the audi at sharp 7 in the evening after re-planning and rescheduling the work to be done for the assignments to be the meetings and subtracting another two hrs from the 4 hrs of sleep that you thot u could manage today. The dance started with a brief intro which went conveniently ignored and unheard by the audience...I wonder if few of them even knew that they had come to watch Kathakali and not Bharatnatyam...and then began the show with all the hullabaloo hushed.
And as the performers entered the arena a silence fell through the audience. They were witnessing something that most of them had watched only on our television sets but not in real. The two performers who started the dance sequence dressed in the attire of Kathakali with all the expressions on their faces that you got to watch in real was definitely captivating. And as the dance progressed with the narration of Goddess Sati and Shiva in Kailash not being invited to the ceremonial Yagyan performed by Daksha Sati’s father the audience took in all with plain admiration.And the best part which came in next was the performers getting of the stage and performing right in between the audience which took the audience by surprise and enthralled them to the core .The spellbound audience couldn’t help but just bring down the audi with a standing ovation forgetting about the time imbalance that the event had brought in their busy schedule...forgetting about the impending horror of the monstrous exams waiting to devour them in two days time...forgetting to wait and think if they have the time to smile...forgetting to calculate what effect it will have on my performance in the next exam....everyone just enjoyed, smiled, applauded and washed away all their apprehensions and tension in the mesmerizing event of the kathakali dance...which transformed all the remarks made earlier in the day to a wide grin on the face and a massive admiration for the performers and the institute for making this performance a success. So happiness didn’t seem to be a myth afterall ...may be its just a myth to think so!!