Monday, January 14, 2008

Stars in the Night Sky

When I was a kid I used to look at the stars in the sky and try making out the outline of various constellations out of them!!Somehow I always used to feel that those twinkling and glittering stars were the passage to reach out to God…a silly thought I know ….but as a kid you always have the liberty to imagine and believe all sorts of weird things. Staring at the star studded night sky had always been captivating…but over the years probably the thoughts have gradually out grown the innocence to more logical thinking…logical if it can be called…although anyday I would rate the innocence above the logical thoughts :).But today, when I again look at the night - star studded sky…. I feel carried away …and lost in a different world …as if someone is holding my hand and asking me to leave behind all my present and tread into a different world altogether…with the assurance of fresher and more promising dreams…with the assurance of a life more beautiful and fulfilling…with the assurance of everlasting happiness. I again feel bound by the same innocence as I used to feel when I was a kid…I again have started to believe probably the stars are indeed the passage way to God…and had carried my messages to him all these years. I can feel the stars smiling down at me from the night sky and asking me…any more messages to be passed my dear….we are all there listening to you all the time:)!!