Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11th……the ‘D’ day!!

Last few months have been pretty taxing and my mind has been reeling with a lot of things.Looks like life has chosen to be a little heavy on me for some time….and as the days were just by-passing me …then came July 11th,2007. It was exactly at 12 ‘o clock yesterday that I coincidentally , hunted for my wrist watch lying below a pile of books scattered all around on my bed and wondered what day is it…..What’s the date….did I by any chance exceed the last date of my hutch bill payment.And then it struck me July 11th….something was special abt this day…what was it??!!
After focussing for sometime on the date then it dawned upon me oh yeah it was the day I had joined my very first job…..the day I first set my foot into corporate world….in other words got the feeling of belonging to the class of professionals. I smiled at myself and said congratulations….two yrs into profession completed successfullyJ!!I knew I wasn’t all that greatly satisfied with my job and I had higher aspirations……and I also was aware that life isn’t going all that smooth for me and smiling meant that I really needed a strong reason to do so….but I was still smiling surprisingly. Did July 11 really hold so much significance to me?!

I then got reminded of college….of BITS…I realised it’s been long since I have actually missed being there….when did I stop missing college…ah I didn’t even realise!! One yr back we had all celebrated July 11th with lot of vigour and energy….I remembered the way we had celebrated this day and wondered God alone knows how many of my training batchmates are still working in the same organization. And how many of them are even going to remember that today was our joining day!!

When I got to office in the morning and opened my mail box….it was empty!!And I told myself “ha ha so no one remembers”.I thought …should I mail everyone…people might not appreciate forget it!!where is the time for anyone to shower sentiments now….then got down to work.After sometime mails started pouring in ….Some on a cheerful note and some with a hint of sarcasm..But nevertheless, mails did pour in. The best part was we could contact almost the whole batch of training batchmates who had joined on July 11th including those who had shifted to other organizations. A few memories of our training days were revived which brought back a few happy memories. And as each one started writing about the fun-filled incidents that had happened during the training…mails started flooding the inbox.Quite a few legs were pulled and the entire batch livened up.

I smiled and thot……..A lot of things had changed over the past two years. Lot of lessons learnt. A few moments of accomplishment have passed and a few moments of distress have been there. Almost all of us have now learnt to deal with the ups and downs of professional life I guess. A few expectations have been met and a lot of aspirations lay unfolded. We have learnt tht the rosy life of college has gone and reserved its place in the city of nostalgia and is not going to come back and we need to find happiness now in the routine monotony of profession. Some have chosen to resign to the monotony and some have chosen to keep fighting and have been finding ways to get out of it. And each one seems to be satisfied with one fact tht they are dissatisfied. And the best thing is no one knows what is that that can satisfy them.I still remember the day I had first stepped into my account….we saw everyone around us with grave bored faces sitting infront of their systems …..lost in their own sweet world ……life and enthusiasm seemed to be dead and gone from their faces. I still remember the confusion on each our faces….we all had the same question in mind “why don’t these people smile!!” . I guess now we might be portraying the same image to the new comers joining the account. Two yrs of profession definitely teaches one and all two things… to adapt to the monotony and to be satisfied with the dissatisfaction. But whatever it is …..satisfied or not…..July 11th is a date which will always remain special for all of us with all the fond memories of training attached to it….is what I could drive home today. It marks the beginning of our professional career and carries the mark of the day we got our very first designation as an employee. Our experience will always be counted with respect to this very date. With all the significance that it carries for each one of us July 11th is not going to be just another memorable day but the most memorable day for our entire training batch and it will always be remembered with a smile!! The journey into professionalism started from here will thus continue further but July 11th will always remain the D day :)!!!!