Thursday, September 17, 2009

Since age five....

I was just watching this episode of friends today where one of the girl characters of the serial is getting married and she wants everything to be perfect on her marriage and the guys are unable to understand as to why is she making such a big fuss about every tiny thing that she wants to be perfect and not try to yield and compromise with the next best option. This reminded of my work place where I used to work earlier before joining MBA...there was this friend of ours who was getting married then and we girls we so very excited for her and each of us pooled in money to buy her the best of gifts possible. She was the first one among our friends circle in office to get married and we spent hours discussing as to what would be the right gifts for her...we wanted to bid her with a nice farewell party and the guys were just unable to appreciate the entire thing ...they were like yeah she is getting married so what’s the big deal...why so much of excitement...what is the big thing that she is going for...back then we girls were all dumbfounded and we never could get back at the boys for ridiculing all our arrangements and excitements...

But when I was watching the serial the reply that the girls gave to the guys just left me thinking....In the serial Monica retorted when her brother who was getting married was frustrated that the bride wanted everything to be perfect and was making a big fuss about everything...all that she said was “ How long have you been preparing for your wedding”..he said about 6-7 months and she said “you know from how long she has been thinking of her wedding ...since she was 5 yrs old”...and this statement of Monica’s just struck me...actually to think about see a girl of age five or even less the only thing you see her doing is planning for the wedding of her dolls...she tries to have the perfect wedding for her doll picturising herself seeing her image or a part of herself in the doll and she grows so does the dream does along with her...she always dreams herself in that bridal dress with all the bridal accessories on her ...that special day of her lives which she would want to be just perfect and nothing else...even a small thing like leaving the home by doing the ritual of pouring the rice in your mothers saree pallu would also be very special for her...she would dream of an entire different life which she would be entering into after the very day of her wedding...even the sillest thing like putting mehendi uptill which exact point of her hand she would have dreamt about...even the stupidest detail as to how many bangles she would like to put on she would have taken ages to figure out... even the idea of wearing the ring of her fiancĂ©e would be her most cherished moment

Guys today argue that what’s the big deal as everyone is working the guys are also leaving far from home and so are the girls and a wedding is in no way taking the girl away from her home or her parents more than the guys nor does the girl have any problems to adjust at her new place among new people as the couple leave for their place of work immediately after the wedding or the in laws have actually become very broad minded with the changing generations. Whatever the argument the fact of a girl always have dreamt of her new home..the perfect one with the single most detail planned as to what the color of the walls would be would never be so with the much ever casual today’s generation has become this fact will always remain true as Monica said guys would never understand as they can never imagine themselves in the bridal wear walking down the aisle since they were five years old...dreaming about how your home would be with your partner...being ready to transform and change stepping into a new changed life where even a different name is acceptable to you... they just never can

There is this movie fashion that I simply have no words to describe...after ages I have found another movie that I can go on watching an endless number of sure does come in the league of other movies of Madhur Bhandarkar... I must say he just makes these amazing movies...even the other movie of his that is page 3 it was just as beautiful as this one...generally I always prefer reading a book rather than watch a movie...but its some movies like these that I just get sold to...

Movies like fashion, Page 3 and other movies I guess cannot really be appreciated by everyone. They have these intense emotions picturised in these movies which is way different from the other light hearted commercial movies that the general public movies. But I don’t know why I fall for these heavy movies and its really amazing that each time I watch these movies I not only fall more in love with them but I have a whole new set of thoughts and perspectives that revolve around the movie and the characters in the movie in my mind. I really love the high amount of confidence that he portrays in the characters of his movies that kind of oozes out of them and kind of touches you and spreads to you when you watch them...all his characters are these women whom you truely can term as women of substance with umpteen amount of confidence, maturity and an independent attitude which you just cannot fail appreciating. And fashion would earn probably a few points more for its marvellous blend of music as well....I am so glad I finally ended up with a copy of Fashion today and now I can watch it whenever I feel a little low

Its so amazing when you have all this leisure time to yourself when you can just watch your favourite movies all night alone on your laptop with absolutely no one to disturb you and you can go through the entire emotional sequence all by yourself and post about it and go to sleep playing songs all night on your laptop till the charge of the battery goes feels so great after exams!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friends the serial :D

When I am down and think I have hit rock bottom I watch friends

When I am angry with life I watch friends

When I feel lost I watch friends

When I feel elated I watch friends

When I feel lonely I watch friends

When I take a break from my schedule I watch friends

When I am bored I watch friends

And now when I am frowning for not being able to go home after my exams I am watching FRIENDS....wonderful serial...just have no words for it J J!!

Heading towards more hollowness...

I had been thinking to post about this since a long time and have just not been finding time to. Usually when I experience something and think of writing about it and postpone it I end up forgetting the incident and don’t post it. But this time I guess I just haven’t been able to forget the experience of that day. It was actually a very simple day like any other day...just that it was special for me as staying in a hostel doing an MBA amidst this vast clutter of events you take one whole min. to recollect your name so forget about taking out time to be with family. Thus that one day that I was spending at home was special in a way.

It was a fine Sunday evening and everyone was having a day off from work just lazing around.Now, as usual I always love being a silent spectator and listen to other’s conversation ...rarely I actively involve I was just doing my usual part of being a silent listener and then it suddenly struck me that we have all been discussing from a long time about a street dog. My mother in law was narrating her experience while she was staying at rent in Cuttack, a city in Orissa. She was talking about a colony dog basically it had so happened that a dog gave birth to a puppy and died and all the people in the colony didn’t have the heart to see the puppy die so they took care of the puppy and each of the them took turns in feeding the puppy. The puppy became such a favourite of the colony that whenever in anyone’s house in that colony there used to be a celebration, b’day or something that day the puppy was fed with royal food...whenever a delicacy was made in anyone’s house a share was kept aside for the puppy too. All the colony members even happened to gather and try naming the puppy... Then it so happened that one hot afternoon the puppy was nowhere to be seen. A chaos was there in the colony...people went out in search of the puppy...housewives couldn’t sleep and eat in peace....children too missed the puppy. Finally after three days someone found the puppy in another colony and gave the happy news.

It was amazing to hear how people in small localities located in small cities develop attachments and develop such emotions. I am not sure if such things can take place in big big Metros between all that glamour of lucrative 14 hrs job. This story probably just fascinated me because when I am in hostel I keep hearing to discussions about job recession, what electives are needed to take up an elective, at how much compensation should one opt for a job, how come that person got more marks then someone, how are people trying to influence the professors to earn some extra marks or know some questions coming in the exam, how should we try and do brand building, a row over why should it should be compulsory to attend any talks, which company tiers our institute at what level, who has got thru some competition or PPO, how have some people got to know answers for exercises and are not posting for the benefit of the batch, how to get back at some group for ruining your presentation the other day, .....and the list goes on.

To listen to all this and then hear to a complete different discussion on a different plane altogether sounds so fascinating. All these emotionless discussions of ours revolving around big bucks all the time sound so hollow somehow. We are everyday trying to develop ourselves in some way by going for a higher education which is good in someway but in the process I hope we are not mechanizing our emotions. I am just imagining what will happen when we are stuck with some big dream jobs ...leading a life in which 3/4th time is spent at work ...will we have time for such would that life be ...without any place and time to develop such emotions...completely people realize ever it ever...or is it that they don’t even have time to realize it ...or do they conveniently term it as “what a waste of time” or “How ridiculous” and do away with it....And what will happen one day a few years down at the dining table on a lazy Sunday..will the discussions start with “when I was at work one day there this fellow who was such a rogue...he literally influenced the boss and got a promotion etc etc “..........will we ever have conversations on such small fascinating incidents...Are we all moulding ourselves to lead a hollow life...sigh!!