Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Year 2007 to a close :)!!

Last few days have been pretty eventful with our account at work place being decorated with colourful ribbons and balloons and Christmas trees, sparkling stars and not to miss the snow clad Santa put up right at the reception. And who can ever make out that the smiling and greeting Santa at the reception is actually made out of a dustbin placed upside down and clad with paper and cotton. And there sits the Christmas tree right infront of the doorway beautifully decorated with colourful papers and tiny gift wrapped boxes and tiny little bells with bits of cotton depicting snow making it look all the more beautiful. So, that’s what people in the account have been doing effectively from the past few days…and I must say they have done a real good job…it feels so nice and cheerful walking down the floor with all the glitter around. Not to miss on those momentary blasts of the balloons right over the top of ur head while you are deep into your system :))!!Probably, the decorations in our account will remain till the New year’s eve…so we cannot escape witnessing each of those balloons bid a pompous farewell to all of us with a blast :)!!
And this new year I have gifted myself with three nice novels..”The Kite Runner”,”Snow” by Orhan Pamuk and “Devil wears Prada”.It feels so nice to see the neatly bounded books, with the smell of freshness that the newly bought books typically have around them…waiting to be devoured and re-discovered.I am still unable to decide which one to start with !!Someone at the office asked me if she could borrow one of them for me till I am done with the other two and I had to refuse.I don’t know why but I just can’t bring myself to lend unread books to people even if I am not reading them at that point. I got to read the book first before I lend it to someone.I know it sounds a bit strange but then I feel that every book that I lend I must be the first one to get acquainted with it before I let someone else to do so…afterall I am the owner…I need to own it in the true sense first.Well a few strange things that u do cannot really have a logical answer to them…u just like to do it in that way that’s it :)!
So, my new year seems to have already begun…with three new novels to go and what with celebrations and decorations all around the place..As for resolutions, well I have decided to get back to my reading…read more books and strengthen my hobby. Its been long since I actually sat back and done some reading for pleasure and its high time I get back to it.

2007 finally coming to a close…
some years when they end you just can’t believe that the year has already come to a close…they seem to just go so fast
Some years are very special…you remember them because some significant things of ur life happen in those years…
Some years you just don’t recollect bcoz u just never happen to look back at them….they seem to have no significance absolutely
But this year hadn’t been any of those…Although, I am sure this year will definitely stay as a remembrance…not only because I lost someone so dear to me but also because it had driven in a lot more learning and wisdom home where I understood that I had gone ahead one step more in being more matured and understanding life a little more than before. It had been a special year …special in its own way…and special enough to be looked back upon and smiled at :).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Yet , Once again

Another year coming to a close
A year that had started off with few new aspirations and hopes
Although a few ambitions remained unfulfilled……but the learning will be there
A few achievements that had come my way
Bringing along a few smiles and a few celebrations
A few moments of silence that were there….. experiencing the stillness of death
Few new people that I met and learnt from
A few old relations that strengthened further by a year
A few days when life had paused and again had picked up pace
A few bumps and pitfalls that drove in some lessons home
Sunlit days and cold winters
A year that hadn’t been all that smooth but it did have its share of smiles and pauses
And yet, once again
A new year will unfold in another fortnight
With loads of wishes and celebrations
Bringing home new hopes and promises
I will look forward to it once again……. as each day of the New Year unfolds
Greeting it with new dreams and anticipations
And when I look back at this year
Yet, once again a smile will spread laden with unblemished memories

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Five People You Meet In Heaven

I always thought that my writing about a particular novel that I liked reading wouldn’t do justice in actually being able to put it in words the way it captivated me and influenced me.But there is this one book that I had read way back which I keep thinking of very often. Everytime I hear anybody crib about how much they hate their present day or whenever I get frustrated with the way things are going on a particular day I remember this book and it surely helps by providing me immense solace. The book is ‘Five People You Meet in Heaven’ by Albom Mitch.I will not really get into details of the book here bcoz if I do I will seriously feel guilty for not doing justice to the book so well written by the author that it actually has an impact on the way you perceive things in life.This book talks about a person who after his death realises the true place where he belonged to ….the place which he had always hated to be in while he was living turns out to be the place where he decides to live till eternity.A beautiful book which goes into describing every minute details and learnings that can be achieved from all the different phases of life and puts across a subtle message….tht we really need to realize and appreciate what we possess in our lives.
Really, I wonder if we all assume that we have a choice and ask ourselves tht which phase of our lives would we choose as our final destination to stay for eternity….we might just end up deciding on the phase of life which we thot we had hated the most. Life is really strange isn’t it…as long as we have something we crave for what has passed.We long to go back to it and when we go back to it we again long for what we had possessed. Very rarely do we actually appreciate and enjoy doing what we possess currently.And why is it that we all look for an escape from what we have…there have been innumerable times when I have heard myself and others looking for an escape from the professional life we are leading….isn’t it the same profession we were longing for when we were in college.I think it’s a vicious circle. The book clearly outlines this fact….it makes u realize tht u actually unknowingly love doing what u think u want to escape from.
There is another book of Albom Mitch that I had loved reading “Tuesday’s with Morrie”.Another wonderful book unfolding many a subtle lessons and binding truths of life.These books are the ones that leave u thinking and ur thots lingering in and around them after u read them.They leave you with a complete new perspective towards life.And any amount of writing and appreciation just cannot put forth the pleasure and the learning that is derived by reading these books.I think I will buy a copy of each of these books and treasure them forever.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Sometimes you just love the way it is
You love the way things are going
You just live in the moment….. living in the present
You don’t bother about what has passed…what the future has in store

Sometime you just love the way you are
You just enjoy being your crazy self
You don’t look for any changes
You don’t look for any acquaintance..just want to keep to urself

Sometimes you just don’t find the logic behind certain things
You don’t understand if you wanted them to happen or you didn’t
You wish you were equally immune to them as they are to you
Yet, you smile when you understand life cannot be questioned

Sometimes you feel like a loser
You feel lost for absolutely no reason
You just don’t find the strength to fight thru the odds…u question as to why me
Yet again you thank God for giving you so much already

Sometimes you just don’t want any changes
You want the things to continue as they are
You fall in love with the routine
You want to pause time or just be in that routine njoying it the way it is

Sometimes you just want to keep smiling without any reason
You just smile to urself …just like that..simply… for no reason
Yet sometimes, you just want to let the tears roll down without wiping them away
You just smile thru ur tears…wondering as to where did the tears come frm in the first place

Sometimes you just begin to hope with the begin of every new day
You wait for every sun rise…bringing in new hopes and dreams
You do not want the dusk to set in and bring the day to a close
Yet you njoy the silence of the night and do not want the dawn to break thru


Going back to Teens…

A Sunday tht started off with me over-sleeping and missing my mock exam…as usual :).Afterall winters are meant for sleeping well…. aren’t they… and who on earth is so courageous to break out of that cosy slumber under the blanket and go to write a boring mock….yes, it really needs a whole lot of courage to do that believe me!!Buy anyways, what was special about this weekend was that for a change I got down to do some girly girly stuff…yeah, it somehow took me back to those 17-18 years old teenage students when we used to get down to such stupidity….well, the gist of what had happened follows.
After a long long time my best fren and me decided to go for an outing together…we went together for lunch and it took us just abt 5 min to decide on a restaurant…afterall it was not the food that we were interested in!!We stepped into a veg restaurant and were happy that there was lunch buffet there on a weekend…which saved us from shelling out a few extra bucks.We went around tasting every food item that we could lay our hands on….finally the waiter out of desperation got the finger bowls and the cheque giving us a sign that u might just be thrown out if u don’t leave. We didn’t miss that smile and nod of the waiter at the payment counter while leaving though. :D!!
Then we decided to do some window shopping just for some time pass…my fren had to buy a perfume to gift someone and we literally brought the whole store down trying out all those perfumes put up there….poor person at that perfumes counter had no other go but join us in our stupidity…he too after a while started having fun with the perfumes along with us.We had an awesome time trying out each and every perfume…reviving our sense of smell with those coffee beans and again loosing it :D!!Finally, with all that racquet that we were creating there a lady from the Revlon store came to us for helping us out with our perfume buying spree and then called us to her store for showing some stuff around….
And that was one of the biggest mistakes that she made…!!She showed us all the lotions and all the Revlon make-up stuff that she had with her and we went on with our interrogation as to which lotion wud come to what use…with genuine curiosity on our faces.Finally, when the lady offered to try out some experimentation on us with her make-up stuff we decided it was high time we make a move.But before we could draw-back ourseleves we were there sitting and getting free make-up done.Now we prepared ourseleves mentally for the inevitable….we told the lady with all the innocence that we could gather that we were sorry we really don’t intend going for all that stuff.Initially that lady was taken aback…then we told her “ma’am do we look from any angle that we spend time on all this stuff…” we gave her a detailed explanation of our schedule and tastes and succeeded in getting her into a hearty laugh.Finally she ended up giving us small pouches as gifts although we got away without buying anything from her outlet :)!!
The whole episode just reminded me of the fun we used to have with those cranky shopkeepers in our college campus.If anyone of us had been troubled by any of those shopkeepers there we would gang up and go the next day and see to that we irritate him to such an extent that he ends up apologizing to the person whom he had troubled the previous day.We even used to go for window shopping to these make-up stores for time pass and drive those shopkeepers crazy….It just took me back to that teenage girly stuff that we used to enjoy doing at college especially on the days when an exam used to go flop.It just proves that we can still go back to our good old days of being as childish as we wish to be and have fun….forgetting and keeping aside all the grown-up stuff of our worlds.It just feels awesome to do all those stupidities and crazy stuff going back 6-7 yrs…leading a carefree life….just not caring as to what the world thinks of u.I guess sometimes u just need to leave things where they are and just go back a few steps and enjoy the childishness in you….it just gives u an wonderful feeling at the end of it!!