Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Hearty laugh!!

I am posting after a long long time…all these days what has been happening..well umpteen number of things..and each time I think of posting the next incident baffles me and I just loose track of what all things were on the list to be posted…
Offlate I have been again witnessing a bit of corporate world..which makes me all the more yearn for the life I led earlier as a simple software engineer…looks like the higher the ambitions you have the more you got to be prepared to face the brunt of complicate things. So, I met this business tycoon..yeah a business tycoon who impresses one and all when he speaks…inspiring the innocent and ambitious who are at the bottom of the ladder..making the other peers envy ur opportunity to work with him ….winning the gaping awe of the student stepping into a seven star grand hotel maneuvering her way through the endless entrances with aproned waiters smiling down at you….and something inside you urging you to just run away from that posh grandeur…a sense of uncomfort…a sense of nervousness..what do I tell him…what do I speak to him. And finally when the meeting gets over …a sigh of relief…thank God its over. It must be so easy for them to speak their mind…afterall a business tycoon…it must be so very easy for them to manipulate things…afterall the others are they clever enough to judge what’s behind their mind.
How well they speak…a sugar coated word of praise from them sounds so overwhelming…probably succeeds in covering their real intentions….a mild rebuke…so mild that you have to wonder twice that did it mean anything or am I getting it wrong. Yes, I met such a business tycoon…or rather I was honored to have the opportunity to meet someone so high a stature. And after the whole baffling meet I laughed…the only thing I could do…isn’t it astonishing…the same person from whom I was fearing…I was nervous …became a laughing stock for me…yes, the fear was gone and it was replaced with sympathy and laughter. I always feel pity at people who think that they are very clever…and sadly the politicians and business tycoons are the prime most examples of this…
Thankfully a three years of taste of corporate world has provided me with one percent ability to judge what the real intention behind a particular behavior is. But it seems so paradoxical at times…these business tycoons who are good at commanding respect and imbibing nervousness in others finally end up ruining their own image more often than not….but yes a few people do call it as shrewdness and appreciate it as well and a few other immature people in business world like me call it as foolishness and laugh over it bcoz they fail to understand what harm it would have done to them had they handled the matter by being straight forward about it. The whole industry is in a financial crunch and anyone will perfectly understand a cost cutting strategy…why lie abt it and try enacting that bad performance is the cause of cost cutting….why not be straightforward abt it and leave the decision to the candidate if he/she wants to work with you or pursue their luck elsewhere… and shouldn't it be the most disrespectful and humiliating thing to make a well qualified person work and then say that sorry I can't pay you...what am I saying for us middle class honest people it is since we know what it takes to earn money and qualifications...for business tycoons..... arey they are filthy rich try to got to be mature enough I tell you !!
This so called shrewd behavior definitely imbibes laughter in you if not anything else….imagine the next time you hear about the business tycoon on TV or from friends will it not bring a smile over your face remembering the K-serial plot he had played on you just to hide his inability to pay you. Sometimes I wonder do these people ever realize what they have lost in the process of building up their bank balances….recently I was stranded all alone in a shopping mall waiting all day long for my husband to finish his work and come over…and a posh mall that it was I had just enough money in my purse for probably the lowest priced item being sold over there. So I could only spend my time looking at people and amusing myself…I really get amused when I see these fashion show type dressed woman strolling with their small two yr old little kids talking to them in American accent….these kind of spectacles induces in me unfailingly as much laughter as the business tycoons business strategies…someday I am sure I will be beaten up for laughing out aloud…..but thanks to these people had it not been for them we would have had no jobs today…its because of these people’s investments that we earn our bread and butter.
But really don’t these people miss having fun wearing loose clothes in summers…with kids running around all over the mall getting into everyone’s path and bringing smile over everyone’s faces instead of learning American etiquettes ….don’t they miss the 10 Rs. Corn being sold on the roadside instead of that 200 Rs. Processed frozen corn….don’t the business tycoons enjoy the dhabawala’s 70 Rs Tandoori instead of 1500 Rs. Tandoori in a seven star hotel….it is definitely a matter to sympathize with but then when I see them complicate their life with so much glee on their faces and the self proclaimed status of belonging to the upper class I can’t help but have a hearty laugh.