Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just the Beginning!!

Its been a while since I have had some time off to sit and write down something. The last month had gone past so fast that sometimes I really need to sit and reflect when did the time fly past me...did I even realize.So here I my new home...yes, hostel dwelling place for the next two whole years.Needless to tell that this place reminds me of each and every moment of my days in just sometimes gives me the feeling that I am walking on those roads leading to the insti again...a nostalgia...a longing to go back in time.The same old feeling of everything new entire era transformed and change being the buzz word for the next few months.
Courses,assignments and tests pouring over...followed by interactive sessions,cultural functions and DJs...with hardly any time to blink.A new face everywhere...the stranger the feeling the more you feel like just vanishing from the spot getting back to ur older self and older life the more everything around seems to pull you back to the pavilion.Questions teeming in your mind.... will I be able to make a mark here...will I start feeling at home...which unkown face is going to befriend me and transform the distance between us to frenship.As I sit here and write this post there are a whole lot of things that I feel like doing...I would like to prepare for the next test...I would like to catch on some sleep...I would like to write more...I would like to maybe just go back in time a little...go back to my world...I would like to stay here and re-discover myself........wud like the wait to get over....wud like to just keep listening to you....and then when I see the bridge between the night and the day melting before my eyes I tell myself is that sleep that is overpowering me or is it the other way round.And I tell myself just wait and watch...probably a lot more things lying around the corner...this is just the beginning!!