Saturday, April 03, 2021

C - The Cane Arm-chair


PC : Unsplash

I sat there gazing
Just like always
Day after day
One season after other
At that arm-chair of cane
Admiring its classic vintage make
Perched across aesthetically 
In that perfect enviable spot 
On a balcony bestowed with 
The most mersmerizing view
Of an airy high-rise condominium
Sometimes, it would rock
Just like I once did
On its own, from time to time
As if it was, in its very own style
Rendering an acknowledment 
When the wind grazed past
And cast a haughty glance around
Now and then, breathing in
That familiar air of vanity
While I creaked and groaned 
From my end of the corner 
With the stubborn cobwebs 
Giving way to the 
Wheezing breeze sigh past 
The rickety me
Making the thick dust of years
Over me rise
One layer at a time
Into a thin invisible silhouette 
Akin to an apparition 
Inching its way 
Ever so gradually
Towards that glazing 
Other arm-chair of cane

PS : This post is posted as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge for the letter C. 
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April #NaPoWriMo2021 and #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour


Purba chakraborty said...

Beautiful. The bittersweet nostalgia palpable in the lines. Loved the poem.

Namratha said...

Beautiful Imagery, Ellora. Loved the Personification of the cane arm chairs. Nicely done.

Sadhana Wadhwa said...

Amazing usage of words! Beautiful poem..

Anita Sabat said...

Cane chairs have a charm of their own.
If they could speak, would they creak and groan?
Nice words, Ira.

my space said...

I miss the cane chairs we had- once upon a time...lovely

Sonia Dogra said...

How I loved this Ellora. Amazing imagery and personification. Particularly liked the imagery of the rickety chair.

sadvika annam said...

Using a prop and having a poem with it is amazing. Few piece of furniture's would speak for themselves

Tomichan Matheikal said...

Some of our own vanity and jealousy are seen here...

Arti said...

You took me on a journey with this one Ira. Fabulous--hauntingly real.

wings to fly said...

Reading your pieces are always a pleasure and wonder.. loved it yet again..

Deepa Gopal said...

Ira, beautiful imagery and yes, I loved the personification too!
"Making the thick dust of years
Over me rise
One layer at a time
Into a thin invisible silhouette
Akin to an apparition"

Durga Prasad Dash said...

Beautiful. Evoked so much nostalgia.

Suchita said...

I always love how personifying inanimate objects can lead us down such rich imagery. Beautifully executed Ellora :)

Srivalli Rekha said...

Such beautiful imagery and personification. Love it, Ira.

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu said...

I loved the rustic feel that your poem radiates. It painted quite an imagery.