Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Is Santa Real!!!

Is Santa really there?
Asked the 5 year old looking everywhere
As he ran to check for gifts under the Christmas tree
Still no gifts....where cud Santa be!
Have you ever seen Santa Muma
Prompt came the next query of the day
And that's when came his way
My little anecdote with a tinge of drama
Do you see a red scarf on the snow man
That was gifted to me by my Santa, a real craftsman
Many a years back when I was little
And I had bawled....for I instead wanted a cuddly beetle
My Santa didn't have a long flowing beard
Or a crowd of kids around that waited and cheered
Neither did my Santa have a belly
That looked like a pot full of jelly
I didn't see my Santa on a reindeer
Nor in those red flowing robes that my eyes peered
But my Santa she very much was
Although she looked more like the grandmas
With her frail little wrinkled old hands
And glasses so thick that made her eyes comically expand
She wove for me that very red muffler
And made many a goodies to hog as if she was my butler
And I am sure wherever she is
From the blue sky above that 'tis
She is looking down at the red muffler with a smile
As our snow man sits by our window awhile
And do you see that white cuddly bear
Another gift from a set of Santas
When we lived life together without a care
So you see my dear..... Santa does exist
And your Santas will also come by.... the whole list
Sometimes in real
And sometimes imaginary that you will learn to deal
But nevertheless, every Santa
Will always bring you something under their big manta
And it's for you to count your very own Santas
And keep their gifts as momentos

Merry Christmas 2019!! :)


Tomichan Matheikal said...

Each one's Santa can be different.

Ira Mishra said...

Haha yeah indeed... And not necessary just one Santa :-)