Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Year Wish List - 2019!!

When I was in my teens I used to always fret on 31st Dec eve that why are we not going out for dinner....and my parents would just want to be at home and spend a peaceful close to the year gone by!!

When I was in my twenties and in job I used to order food home.....saying to my parents that OK you don't want to go out but at least let's order good food.....year gone by needs to be bid farewell to with good food atleast!! And I used to tune into the TV channels every year and watch alone (as my parents couldn't keep themselves awake till late) at night 12 'o clock ...all the actors appearing and wishing "Happy New Year!!"....I used to simply love to hear and see that!!

Today in mid thirties,  I don't prefer going out for dinner any more on new year eve.....I don't like getting into the crowd....I like to celebrate the new year eve with just us ......good food means something made by me at home.....I now love decorating a little something to go well with the dinner at home itself...to make it feel special....havent tuned into TV since 4 years now!! .....And I just keep myself awake to wish the nearest and closest people at the strike of 12 and go to sleep immediately after that.....so that I wake up to New Year messages, wishes and replies on my phone!! (And probably now I can understand my parents liking for staying at home on new year's eve now!! )

And now it's a Happy start to the new year when:

  • Your little Son hugs you and gives a kiss when the tiny Chinese lights you decorated and his tiny face glow in the dark (when he switches them on) 
  • When you are asked to repeat the dish you made for New year eve again
  • When you wear something new to office....just for the sake of another new beginning
  • When you sneak out of office at 4-30 PM
  • When you walk in time for evening Arati to the temple in your society
  • When you have a nice long refreshing walk after ages and treat yourself to Tiramassu 
  • When you reach home early and surprise your Son
  • When you bake your Son's favourite cake and see him eagerly waiting with a spoon for it to cool down so that he can relish on it
  • And you just can't get over watching and listening to "The song of the Golden Dragon" by Estas Tonne (shared by S) 

So, now for the wish list (I was calling it bucket list.....but one of my frens was so cross with my usage of the word that I decided to rephrase it!!) ....So here it goes!!

  • To experience snow fall
  • To get drunk once
  • To sit in a hot air balloon
  • To go on a cruise
  • To go camping with a tent and bonfire like in a forest kinds
  • To go on one solo trip all alone all by myself
  • To go backpacking in Europe
  • To go for the trans Siberian railway tour
  • To read read and read (one thing I regret for having stopped) 
  • To try my hand at pencil sketching and canvas painting
  • To write a book
  • To participate in blogging blocks again
  • To design interiors of my own house
  • To do a degree abroad
  • To join a NGO
  • To take the count of my close friends in the list to 10
  • To learn to forget and forgive
  • To learn to do things for sheer happiness without any expectations whatsoever 

As of now,  that's like the wish list....lets see how much of it gets fulfilled in 2019.....!! And for more to get added in the list that gets spilled over.....in the coming years :P!! 

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