Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Drops Of Dew


PC : Unsplash 

Like morning dew
They clinged on
Here, there 
While, at other times
Nowhere in sight
A single touch
And they'd slip away
Leaving behind 
Only a moist essence
Of that, which, once was
Another ephemeral existence 
They came unbidden
And always left 
Without a sound
All I could do 
Was gaze at them
From afar, each time
As my fingers traced
Their broken silhouettes
Keeping behind 
Those glass panes
Till they all faded 
From my sight
One droplet 
After the other
But never, altogether 
Like a signature
Of those moments
That neither stayed
Nor ever effaced
Few and far 
In between 
You me and us

P.S: “This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft and You, Me & The Universe.”