Friday, November 23, 2012

House of Sand.......

Little Girl : Hello Sir! Could you allow me to be a part of the beach festival here?

Caretaker : Oh! Hello little girl…..but where do you hail from?

Little Girl : Sir, I hail from the green water beach.

Caretaker : Then why didn’t you participate in the beach festival there little one? That beach is known for having beautiful sea shells and many little kids like you love to be there building shapes out of sand.

Little Girl : Yes Sir, I know. But, I want to be a part of the beach festival here even if there are no shells on this beach.

Caretaker : Sure dear. But even the sand is slippery here ….not suitable for building shapes. Are you still interested?

Little Girl: No problem Sir. I want to be here and take part in the beach festival here.

Caretaker: Then you are welcome little one.

She then went back to collect her things from the earlier place. After putting all her things in her bag she looked behind her and saw that the very place where she had built a house of sand all by her own….by working day in and day out for two whole days…..was being broken by another kid and his father to make space for themselves. She took one last look at the beach and saw many many little kids building different shapes out of sand …decorating them with beautiful sea shells with the help of their parents even though the parents were not allowed….and her eyes fell on other little kids struggling to complete their shapes of sand all on their own before the deadline for the next festival.

She left the beach wishing them luck.