Friday, November 21, 2008

A practical life

A hurried call of 10 min Just enough to say How was ur day??U too busy now is it??Ok will call you back when I am free..

About 15min off to close your eyes to catch a short nap and realize its been ages since you have called up home...

Hear to a song playing on the TV in the mess while having food and realizing it was once your favourite song for which you used to run and come wherever you were in the house to just get a glimpse of the video...and everyone at home made fun of u....whereas now it plays and you just smile at yourself and continue gulping down some food hurriedly

Remembering the last time you watched a movie with ma and you laughing over the Oscar winning performance of the actors in the movie

The last time you and your brother had a fight over the remote

When was the last time you planned and re-planned over a family trip and only realized that when you set off for the trip all the planning ended up in shambles

Talked for hrs over the phone till you were found sleeping with ur mobile near ur ear in the morning

Last time you fell in love with a song and heard to it over and over again

And when you sit and ponder over the above things a few questions linger in your mind...can there be a life which goes a little slower...where you don’t look at the time and say “Gosh its already time...wish I had a few more hrs in the day”...where you don’t look at ur peer and tell urself “need to work harder...before I am left behind”....where you don’t look for ur family and friends in a list of names in the phonebook of your mobile....where you don’t have to tell your near and dear ones “ll call u back when I am a little time right now...plz understand I have a hectic schedule”...where you work for urself and not for others...where when you are feeling a little low and need a shoulder to lean on u don’t have to end up finding none for either everyone’s far away or you are not near them or simply because they too have as hectic a schedule as you do....a life where people have the time to talk things which isn’t strictly business....a life where things go at a steady pace in which each and everyone has time for everything....where life is not starkly practical in the face as it seems to be...where when you complain you are not said “Now don’t be practical”...where you don’t need to be called mature and understand that emotions of people have been washed away with the scurrying of people to catch up with the fast moving practical life and they have no time to loose on such silly impractical things...

Sometimes I really wish life had remained as simple as it had been in the earlier days...people earned a small income working in govt offices...returning home every day at 5-6 in the eve spending time with family...not having these high desires of having a LCD or Plasma tv at home or owning a BMW...simply because they just didn’t must have been filled with so much leisure with the entire family managing to stay close by sharing happiness living wudn’t have been lived as practically as it is being lived by us now...and may be if I had posted a post then with all this stuff no one would have smirked and told me like now “c’mon be practical yaar...what are u cribbing will you leave ur post grad and get back home”...and I ll only heave a sigh and answer “No I ll has to be lived practically afterall...And what have I been doing God how much time did I waste lecturing abt life and its stupid!!”