Friday, March 14, 2008

Dreams Galore

Feet deep rooted to the ground and imaginations flying high
Thousands of dreams from nowhere shadowing your thoughts
Overwhelming to see how intricately woven they could be
A shade of apprehension
Diversified and mixed colours as colourful as the rainbow
Foggy mornings…dew drops…
whip of wind carrying light drops of rain
A few words far and between
A light melodious tune playing far away
Falling snow
And a light smile at the end …


Yeah, ‘Strange’ that is the word that I can use rightly I guess. Unexpectedly strange it was…..that is all I can say. An exam for which I left all my onsite opportunities…all my weekend’s leisure and fun…all my night’s cosy sleep..all the recent movies…Life had just been working non-stop during the day just to meet the targets ensuring that I get to reach home atleast an hr early to prepare. And finally yesterday when I was standing there waiting for my turn of the interview call I had a strange feeling…I just wanted to run away from that place. I didn’t want to be questioned as to why I want to go for an MBA…what do I plan doing…Why aspiring to start an Industry and in what sector…What my hobbies were…what I like to read…what specialization am I looking for…why joined IT industry…what was the meaning of my name….what my strengths and weaknesses were etc etc. I just didn’t want to answer any of those questions anymore. I just didn’t want to find reasons and give a concocted answer to all those questions that are asked time and again in these MBA interviews.
A simple answer that I have…its always been my ambition and a dream of mine to go for higher studies in India…MBA interested me among the limited options of higher studies present here and that’s why I want to go for it. Plain and simple… just to fulfil my ambition…not for money…not for a career change…not to become an entrepreneur or a CEO of any organization…not to see my photo on the front cover of any business magazine….just want to be a post graduate for my own satisfaction to fulfil my own dream that’s it…now will you give me a seat !!And the answer would be ‘No’ ofcourse…why?? Because that is a very plain answer…nothing great about the answer…its not concocted and distorted as per everyone’s expectations…the answer has to sound more promising …more substantial…with some added masala (salt and pepper would do it even better).I want to become an entrepreneur…. 5 on 5 points…I wish to do some value add to the society by starting an industry of my own keeping social good in mind …wow cent percent!!
What if I say I don’t have such sky high dreams…want to lead a simple life with none of these added on frills…I might even decide to become a home-maker if I feel my ambitions are coming in the way of my family and go for social service in my leisure …and for sure my name will be crossed right then on their list of calls. What is the need to go for an MBA then would be the following question maybe…and what can I say?? Should I say do you think all those people passing out from an MBA college are actually serving the society …is everyone really thinking of social good…and How many are staying back in India first of all…..and how many of them are going to become entrepreneurs!! Why can’t someone pursue MBA out of sheer interest…not looking for a concrete outcome as such out of the degree…and put the knowledge gained to some good use as and how the time progresses…not necessarily becoming an entrepreneur/CEO or starting up an industry of your own or earning a huge package.
All of a sudden I seem to have given up on these interviews…or is it on myself…I am not sure. I want to be away from these added on frills and put-up answers…I don’t feel like stretching my imaginations beyond myself to find an answer to all those questions and framing convincing answers…I do not want to sound honest when in actual I am not. May be MBA is not my cup of tea anymore. I am not able to place myself in a put-up world. I am just finding it ‘Strange’….a ‘Strange’ world it is the world of business…everything framed and put in a golden frame for outside people to be lured by the magnificence and one single honest and simple answer will be a bland black mark in the golden frame. But , although we all know the stark truth behind it we all are still trying hard to pursue it…frame more and more convincing answers and step into the world of frills and fancies…into the golden frame…….we are ready to make all sacrifices to be a part of it .And what more can I say than saying that its really ‘Strange’. And I am sure one year down the line I will again be preparing, I will again be sitting in some interview hall waiting for my turn and again I will probably be feeling weird and strange just the same way.