Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Vaccation

Its almost a decade since the word “summer vacation” has sounded so very fascinating to me…since I eagerly waited for the exam bell to ring on the day of the last annual exam paper and school to be declared closed for two whole months…the chaos following the bell all students running all over each other to the arms of their parents waiting outside shouting screaming “summer hols” “summer hols”.And here I am ….as I see the small kids playing in the park infront of our building…putting up charts of paintings all over the building walls..falling over the cycles and skates trying to master the art of cycling and skating…hunting for nook and corners playing hide and short making the best of their hols I am sitting leisurely watching them …njoying mine :)!Yeah, after a decade I have now got to njoy a month and a half of summer vacation…and summer vacation it is!!A hazzle free life…no getting up in the morning and rushing to submission of project meeting deadlines…no more of those brawls with leads…no more of filling in of your efforts…no more of being so occupied so as to find time for taking a breath in peace.A blissful life.Sleep…eat…watch movies…sleep…read njoy doing nothing..njoy the leisure.The concept of spending summer vacation has changed though…and has undergone a transition with passing time …earlier it was like chalking out a plan as to what all fun things you wanted to do this vacation and now its like you are njoying doing nothing :)!!

This feeling of njoying the nothingness is always there when you are in that period of wait..when you know that you are going to venture into a new world in a short while and you are just preparing yourself…giving yourself time…just waiting quietly smiling for the doors to be ajar…and along with it somewhere there is a sinking feeling sometimes… hope you will be able to manage everything on your own…hope you will not fall short for anything and will stand upto ur expectations..and then there is always the excitement around to engulf you in as you are stepping out of your current world. Life is so strange really…sometimes you want to just fast forward life and see ahead what is in store for it just going to continue the way it is…what are you heading to and sometimes you just know where your life is going..where its taking you..and you just wait with that smile of certainty …waiting to discover another set of things that life’s got in store.

The same kind of feeling that I had felt when I was leaving home for the first time while going for my engineering…the same excitement and the same nervousness and again the same reassuring smile from my mother and hug from my father as they were seeing me off at the station :)