Tuesday, January 08, 2019


She wandered blissfully in her solitude
And walked into a store
Her eyes scanning everything on display
But resting on none

The store was teeming with colours
Shades of colours all around
Colours everywhere to see
But her eyes as always chose to see Black

Black was her colour
Why Black.... Why always Black
She never understood why
There was never any logic

She had decided to defy her eyes
She had decided to defy Black
She had decided to avoid Black
She had decided to not repeat Black

She had been picking colours all along
Mostly light
Rarely bright
As bright had always meant Black for her

But Black was Black
Black never went unnoticed
Each time, she picked Black....only to put it back
Thinking she had Enuf of Black
Not Black again

Till she realised
Black wasn't her weakness
But Black defined strength
Black was pure
As Black can never get tainted
Black absorbed everything and all the colours around

She decided to let go
And set her heart free
Let Black captivate her
Let Black own her
As her colour was Black
And will always remain Black
She walked off the store...smiling....
With Black

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