Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Year 2018!!

So here we come to the end of another year.....year 2018!!!

As I reflect back on the year that has passed indeed is a year to remember as S and I had met exactly 10 years back .....and 2018 marks a tick on one of the milestones as we continue our journey together!!

Have ticked another big thing off my bucket list of things that need to completed before I die......of my own little home!!

A lot of things which I had just shelved....and which had been catching dust over the years....I have taken a resolution to restart....thanks to S again for his relentless encouragement.....

I got back to writing....something that I have enjoyed since childhood...and now I am able to notice little moments in everyday life again on which I can write on!!

I have even got back to reading.....the greatest strength and morale booster ever!!

Got back to playing music all day long.....and have made my Son also an addict to it :P....the music lover that he is!! 

After ages S and me loved and laughed over a silly movie and fell so much in love with its songs that we decided to watch it all over again!! Although it felt really silly doing S put it....madness should also be enjoyed as much as silliness...let all of it be a part of our lives....not just the things that make sense all the time!!

After nearly 2 whole years made a new friend....and for the second time till date...I from my side put the efforts ...the introvert that I am....rather than the other way round!!Although, never thought that at this juncture also I have the energy to invest in new people in life!! Felt strangely nice to just invest efforts....distribute some positivity maybe....this time without any expectations...just for the sake of simple happiness!!

Decided to identify and weed out negative things that have/had deep rooted themselves somewhere inside.....successfully have weeded out some for surprisingly when some things repeated out of the blue the pain didn't come back in entirety....I am glad lot of things have erased from memory on their own....and some that remain hopefully will get erased too....

Learnt to get over few setbacks and imbibe some positivity in life....S has been telling me ....something has changed....u seem to be complaining less and seem more positive in life.....thanks to all the things above that have probably helped imbibe the positivity....which I hope is here to stay ....!!

Welcome year 2019.....for new events and new memories that I look forward to unfold!!

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