Thursday, November 22, 2018

Finally A B'day Resolution !!

And after 6 long years finally I decide to take a resolution on my B'day to get back to blogging and relive my childhood hobby of writing!! No particular answer to where was I all these years....Life has been as eventful as it always had been....nevertheless ,with the resolution to start afresh from where it stopped :)!

I had started this blog as a 22 year old and it's really interesting to read posts of my 13 years younger self...Also its such a comfort to see that the blogs that I used to read and which in first place has inspired me to start my own blog...still exist...and are still active...

So, what has changed over the years is:

  • The simplicity and the flow of thoughts have taken a beating with the addition of some grey strands if not wisdom!
  • Typing down or for that matter writing seems tedious now ....which ironically I had loved doing since childhood
  • Hobbies have got replaced with practicalities
  • Heart and mind have stopped noticing small little things of life. And even if I notice they don't stay in memory for long
  • A small little dimple cheeked face with curious little eyes and an infectious smile has hijacked all priorities in life and made himself one single priority!!
  • No more ambitions in life but materialism has seeped in to some extent
  • Realization that life has got an expiry date 
  • Memories of the past have stopped haunting as dreams
  • Can speak on things of the past with acquaintances and strangers now! (Someone had once told me...the day you can do this...that day you can tell yourself you got over it)
  • Trust and forgiveness come more easily now.....have learnt to be ok with making mistakes...and enjoy while it lasts not worrying for the mistake to unfold
  • Tears flow easily now....though not so much in public but otherwise...infact I would love to have some control on them....
  • Stopped judging people....and stopped being affected by the other way round as well
  • Coffee has got replaced with Tea....although I still love the smell of Coffee
  • Love for chocolates remains :)
  • Still love to walk in the light drizzle but walking in the rain is no more a thrill
  • Still love to be with myself
  • Favorite pass time still remains closing my eyes and listening to songs over and over again. Just that the songs in the list have got replaced.
  • Still reflect into the past on B'days and New Year's and be nostalgic !!
  • Still love watching FRIENDS
  • Still love watching out of the window....and reflect ....just the home has changed
  • Acceptance of Life as it is to some extent has happened hopefully
  • Reading has stopped completely
  • Still love to cook and clean
  • Each and every festival and special days , which was just another day earlier, I ensure to celebrate now
  • Still call myself an Introvert 
  • Still love to walk from the gate to the building and tumble upon the evening Arati
  • Still averse to change and love to settle down in comfort zone
  • Still love to be busy to the brim with no time to breathe ....but now leisure doesnt discomfort anymore
  • Still love the nights more than the day
  • Still love to sleep late into the morning and remain awake late into the night.....and love to see my little Son fall asleep trying desperately to keep his eyes open!! 
  • Still bad at keeping in touch with old frens and brooding over it
  • Still love to be as mysterious as ever

As resolutions and promises are meant to be broken....Hope I live upto this one :P!!

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