Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Absolute Bliss!!

 A light drizzle drenching you while taking a casual stroll back home
 A nice long mail from a good old friend in ur inbox
 A message on ur b’day frm ur teacher saying “U never call me, u never mail me but I ll still call u and still mail u bcoz its ur b’day today and u r very special to me”
 Returning back home after a foul day at work to find ur mom having cooked for u ur favourite dish
 Watching ur favourite movie or reading an interesting novel till late in the night
 Getting up on a morning and just feeling light and happy for no reason absolutely
 Giggling away childishly with frens and making the PMs and module leads pop up their heads from their cubicles
 Receiving a missed call or receiving an SMS from an old friend just when u r feeling down and out
 A hectic and an over-occupied day when u just regain sense at the end of the day while bidding a tired gudnite to ur pillow in the night
 Irritating ur sibling and putting up a fight with him for the weirdest of reasons
 A mail in ur inbox saying “Just be as stupid and as crazy as u are always” with a bunch of flowers
 Celebrating ur b’day at home relishing home-cooked food that ur mom prepares for u keeping ur taste in mind and ending the eve watching a comedy movie with ur family
 Taking all the pains to buy a secret gift for ur brother only to discover that he had already discovered it and u getting the kela in return
 Sipping coffee and just staring at the system with the ear-phones on…and just being lost in ur own world day-dreaming
 Studying for exams and ending up seeing stars the next day in the exam hall with the rest of the lot
 Sneaking to the living room with ur brother after ur parents have gone to sleep to watch Harry Potter till late in the night
 Bunking office just because u cudn’t get up in the morning
 A cozy warm sleep in a huge blanket on a cold winter night knowing that it’s a holiday next day and u don’t have to get up early for office next day
 lying on bed and listening to FM…playing ur favourite songs…till 4 AM in the morning
 A re-union of good old college-mates reviving all the good old memories
 Having a full bar of dairy milk after a bad day to just cheer urself up
 Playing ludo with ur family on a Sunday afternoon and fighting over who should win and who should lose
 Getting stuck in the traffic jam while returning home from office and sitting there simply observing the world around you
 Lighting a whole lot of diyas and lighting up the whole home celebrating Diwali
 Reaching temple just in time for the Aarti and hearing to the ringing of those bells echoing sounding and re-sounding in your mind
 Having pani puri with frens from the street vendor and lying abt it at home
 Acting as if u r engrossed in a complicated analysis but actually reading a novel at work place
 Listening to the same song over and over again on ur playlist till the song keeps ringing in ur head even when u take off the ear phones

And just sitting solitarily smiling quietly to urself for absolutely no reason at all remembering and enjoying these blissful moments…just as I am doing now:)!!

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RBT said...

lying across the bed...looking at the roof....and smiling at all those beautiful thoughts and memories passing by.....and certainly no one around to break the train of thoughts :)