Friday, April 30, 2021

Z - A Zeal Unleashed


With a restless zeal to conquer
The feet set forth on that climb
Along with, those of the others
Meandering their lone way 
Through the thicket of the wilds
A gunny sack of dreams
Hung over the shoulder
Tightly knotted around its mouth
To be opened some day
Far away in the future
Possibly, as far as that peak
While the hands were busy
Clearing the undergrowth
In order to scale that height
And the feet kept climbing 
Clambering that ascend
As the days and the dreams
Kept gathering in the sack
But, then came that day
When the feet tired out
And couldn't go any further
The eyes however did rummage
Seeking for that elusive peak
But, nowhere in sight
With the hands so weary
That they couldn't muster the strength 
To unknot the heavy sack of dreams
Which now tumbled down the hill
Along with the gunny sack
Plummeting down the descend
Taking that very path the feet had 
As the eyes traced them 
With a zeal, as still as
That urn of clay
Holding the ashes

PS : This post is posted as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge for the letter Z.   
Poem posted as part of the 30 day poetry challenge for the month of April #NaPoWriMo2021 and #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour.


Sonia Dogra said...

Oh yes, sometimes we just spend a lifetime chasing our dreams. So true.

Durga Prasad Dash said...

Reality forgotten in made rush to achieve ambitions. Nice lines again to end the series.

my space said...

The burdens we carry...sometimes dreams are those too

Srivalli Rekha said...

Oh, Ira! That's how life is, isn't it! You leave me thinking with this post. Congratulations on completing the challenge, girl. :)
I hope you'll be bringing another book this year.

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu said...

Yes, struggle so much for those dreams through out our lives! Sometimes courage is what one need to untie the heavy bag of sack full of dreams. Lovely posts, Ira in your series and I enjoyed all your poems though I could not engage in all. Congratulations for completing the challenge successfully.

Aditi Kapur said...

Lovely! You've superbly captured the struggle, the weariness and the courage to fulfil the dreams.
Congratulations on completing the challenge and best wishes for future endeavours:)

Suchita said...

It's so important to remember to not let the idea of the dream or success of a dream overtake the dream itself. I feel like we should all see our dreams roll down the hill from time to time.

Arti said...

The journey from sack to urn and yet it seems so 'contained'. Is that the only way? I wonder.
Beautifully crafted once again--I go on your poem journeys with you.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Well crafted