Thursday, February 11, 2021

Finding Love!

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If not in the sweet fragrances 

Of the vibrant fresh roses

Or in the seasonal charm 

Of the enticing wintery February winds

Not in the trinkets or the perfumes 

Nor in all those embellishments 

And umpteen souvenirs

If not in these 

Look for me 

In the silent rustles 

Of the parched broken leaves

In the concrete bends 

Of those familiar pathways 

In that unnoticed scent 

Of the petrichor 

Or in those inanimate wooden benches


That lay waiting since

Maybe you'll find me there

Inconspicuous and hidden somewhere 

In those yellowed pages

Alongside those forgotten dried petals

In the smudged scribbles

Of the folded letters

For, I always like to tiptoe 

And come in stealthily 

Into those long lost nostalgic tunes 

That drift past from nowhere 

And remind you of me

Stacked away, I loiter

Perhaps as shards of reminiscences

In the blurred hazy images 

Or in those phrases from beyond

Left untouched but unerased

Eternal as I am

Thus, I linger

In each of those crumpled

Crevices and creases 

But, if you were 

To look for me

Maybe I will remain 

As elusive as ever 

To come to be

PS : This blog post is a part of the Petals of Love Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.


Navita Bhatia said...

So profound!! Love, an ethereal asset, can exist anywhere, even at the most unexpected spots. Let's embrace it whole heartedly whenever and wherever spotted. I am in complete aww, Ira!!

sivaranjini said...

Ira what a poem too good and the best part it spoke about the true nature of love. ,😊💫👏

Rethink Mindful said...

How lovely is the theme of tis poem Ira. I so love to recall my sweet sixteen love memories and absorb the smell of petrichor. I loved the lines, find me in the scribbled pages and yellow letters, with dried roses. So beautiful. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. I am grateful to you dear. Best wishes.

- Swarnali Nath

Deepika said...

Its indeed an awesome read. Love comes when you least expect it to. And love is also everywhere and elusive too. Found it beautiful.
Deepika Sharma

wings to fly said...

It seemed like a scene going on.. a light music playing at the background and I was visualising every word, every expression of your writing.. loved it..

Purba chakraborty said...

Such beautiful lines! It captures the feelings of longing and separation so well.Enjoyed reading it a lot ♥️

Dashy said...

So beautiful, Ira. Love is hidden away in little things all around us, and it'll come to us when we don't try to force it out. This was a relishing read, totally loved it!

Surbhi prapanna said...

Lovely. yes, many times we try to find love in only fancy things but in reality, it is everywhere. you had expressed it so beautifully.

Thevagabond said...

Love is found in most unexpected places and at times you have almost given up. Lovely poem.
Ruchi Nasa

Freshdaisiesdotme said...

You’ve put love in all the inanimated things and brought life in it🥰love is the most powerful and beautiful emotion and reminiscent in all the things it touches!! Your poetry was flowing like a melody of love and lingered long after 🥰

Freshdaisiesdotme said...

You’ve described love through all the inanimate objects and brought life to it! Love is the most powerful and beautiful emotion and reminiscent of everything it touches. Your poem flowed like a melody of love and kept lingering long after!!🥰🙌

sadvika annam said...

Such a way you compared love to nature is crazy! Find me deep inside ❤❤

Archana Srivastava said...

What a depth description of finding a love. I am lost of words to comment here on excellent piece of prose. Well said, One can feel the love anywhere, anytime, at any age if he/she wants to see it; In contrast the whole world is blank, if him/her heart doesn't want to know the taste of love.

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

This is such lovely, uplifting prose. A joy to read.

theprivatesocialite said...

Oh man!This was beautiful to read. True that Love comes in from unexpected ways. With your due permission I would love to recite this masterpiece of yours Ira ❤

Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu said...

A lovely poem depicting love and its various hues of longing, of elusive touch , of unexpected closeness. Loved it totally 💝💝

Neha Jain said...

It takes me to times and to places where I have not visited since long. It is a wonderful poem.

Deliciously Alive said...

Beautifully expressed. Love is like magic, you have to believe in it to find it!

Debidutta Mohanty said...

This poem took me back to my college days. You have beautifully expressed various hues of love. Love is magic, it's elusive and powerful. It can be felt at any age .Every poem of yours is a masterpiece.

Varsh said...

Wow, hoe beautifully you've expressed the simple ways in which love makes its presence felt. Petrichor clouds, the smell of wet earth or blooming flowers have so many stories written around them too.

Sonia Dogra said...

Indeed love is all around us, in little things that we may sometimes not notice at all. You've said it so beautifully Ira!

Amritha Srinath(themummastartup) said...

What an amazing poem Ira. Took me back to my college days. I absolutely adore the way you have penned the little nuances where love can easily be found. The simplicity of love is so heart-warming and soothing. These lines are so profound and relatable!

Or in those inanimate wooden benches
That lay waiting since
Maybe you'll find me there
Inconspicuous and hidden somewhere
In those yellowed pages
Alongside those forgotten dried petals

Tina Sequeira said...

It's always a pleasure to read your poems, Ira! It flows so effortlessly and naturally.

Saibal Barman said...

Loving to reqd ypu again after a long time....maybe, another lockdown hivering in the horizon will fetch more of your writings nearer to my eyes.....
The elegance of your feelings casts deep impression on my thoughts....and inspires it to come out bubbling....and I attempt to disinter the corpse of my love a reality without moments spent through...does it fade or the moments of sweetening memories fade...or do they both together...or none of them, but the character of its evolution turns incomprehensible....a big question for me still...
Maybe, love is a book that one writes, rerads, amends, prettifies with more refinement, rewrites, rereads,amends and beutifies with enlightenment....and it relives endlessly in journeying all those pages...from the waves to the shore and from the shore to the sea....
While reading your poem, somehow I went on reciting Gulzar...perhaps, I translated it on my page too...sharing a few lines...

The sweet memories of a string of moonlit nights,
And of the beauty spot prettifying your shoulder;
The intoxicating fragrance of soggy paste of henna
And a few freaks of silly play of blame and regret;
And a few weird promises never kept.
Let it all fill me to the deepest down in me,
Let all I left there find me back here as a complete me.

Take care