Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A silent prayer!!

As a 7 year old when I had wandered and stepped inside a church for the very first time!! 

Me: (peering into the dark, wondering if I should go inside!! )
Father: Yes, my child....
Me: Can I come inside
Father: Please my child...this church is yours.... You don't need to take permission
Me: Thanks
Father: So, you want to pray for something
Me: I am new in this school.... I don't have frens....As my English is broken...I studied in a town earlier.... Will Jesus help me in making frens
Father: Did you by any chance happen to read the message on the pyre my child
Me: Yes it says " Lord is always with you"
Father: So you made two frens today... One is Lord and second is me... Will you come to visit me Tomm again

And he had taught me how to fold my hands and pray silently....a silent prayer!!

And I had visited the church every single day after that till I left that school when my parents got transferred again. Even today when I visit any church it always reminds me of that very first day.... Of the way I had wandered into that place.. .That fear. . .That inhibition with which I had gone inside . .....And came out with strength!!

I always heard people calling me a Christian because of my name.....I studied throughout in convent schools which strengthened my connection with the religion further........till another Father like doctor one day in a missionary hospital saved my Son.... 

And today, I taught my Son....how to fold his hands and pray silently...a silent prayer!! 

Merry Christmas!!

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