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Aug,1st, 2010


Happy Friendship's Day :)!!

For K please someone send some "cute" pupies, flowers, plants anything from my side...A plz do the honors

To R and P each one please contribute INR 1 as they are in need of funds desparately due to negative balance in their salary accounts

To S each one please send a mail with content written as "S Reply to the group Now" in huge black 32 size font all caps

To SV, SP, N and M each one send a flower for their computers to rest in peace (which have long passed away due to overwork)

And to me each one send a nice reply and a hug :)

Friendship’s Day….Every year this day comes it always takes me back in memory to the day when as a kid we had first discovered that such a day existed… excited we were that we decided to make handmade gifts for each other… was all NS’s idea and we were just too excited to implement it…although it wasn’t exactly a surprise gift with the recipient completely aware that he/she would be receiving a gift but the content of the gift was supposed to be a secret….the enthusiasm and efforts that each of us had put in to make those lovely gifts was greeted with equal enthusiasm by the recipient in guessing them and opening them…that had been celebration of my first Friendship’s Day two decades ago…..

As days passed the importance of this day had only slowly faded with time …hand made gifts were replaced with readymade friendship bands and redymade tit bits….neverthless there was still a day to celebrate…remember your friends…contact them and be glad to hear to their happy voices and wishes on this day….those were the good old days of graduation

When my friends and I had joined our first job the day was greeted with wishes being SMSed and mailed to each other….a convenient and shortcut way adopted but nevertheless again it did bring a smile on your face to see a nicely typed or an emotions filled message in your inbox right on the first Sunday of the August month..

Then came the days of Orkut when an application made life even easier…at one click the message of Happy friendship’s Day could be posted on all the scrapbooks of the friends added in your profile…

Today, in 2010 about 20 years later from the day I first had known and celebrated this day … has become even easier as I see the status messages of all profiles on facebook having the message ‘HFD’…..

And today as I retrace my memory and smile remembering all those friendship days that had passed I only smile thinking what if my mail had not brought back any replies atleast maybe I can rejoice and be satisfied by telling myself it probably brought a smile on all those faces who decided not to shift delete my mail without reading it as it wasn’t any critical official mail……

Probably a day will come next when there will be an application which by itself will send messages or change the status of your online profiles when such days arrive and on b’days, festivals would become even more easier…….or is such an application already there and I am not aware….otherwise may be someone can take this as a new cool networking business proposition and make money out of it …….or probably I too will resort to the easier way of just putting the three letters ‘HFD’ on my facebook profile and save myself from bringing frowns on all those faces who cursed me for cluttering their inboxes…..

(I know you must be nodding your head at me after reading this post and thinking ‘grow up my dear…grow up’…well! I can’t agree with you less…I have also been telling myself the same thing all this while)

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