Friday, April 11, 2008

So this was it!

There are these times when you actually feel that you are a mere spectator and life has taken complete control over itself…the reigns of life have slipped out of your hands and your role is to just see it …as it is going …with a broad smile..gazing at the way it makes its way through… curving here…turning there..and gliding through, past all obstacles..above all hindrances….proceeding ,accomplishing…and breaking thru.Yeah, that’s how I exactly feel now when I am being asked “oh are you going for higher studies”…”Got thru MBA is it??”..”It had always been your aspiration right”…”All the best.Good to hear you made it”.And I can just smile but do anything when people ask me “So, happy now…must be feeling on top of world right??”.
I am really not sure if I am feeling that way.MBA …pursuing and aspiring for it had been an amazing process….I had taken the decision over night just because I thot I wanted something on hand to keep me occupied…to struggle for …and MBA entrance exams had been my choice…. not sure when my over-night decision grew into a career decision and a reason for perseverance and a yearning to do an MBA.Giving up…breaking down…getting up and trying again…squeezing out time off the schedule became a regular habit.And in this whole process pain of not making it or failure became insignificant so much so that making it thru or not also has started seeming insignificant somehow…
Just like I have mentioned in the beginning of the post …all through out your journey of perseverance you try to hold on infact cling on to the reigns of your life in your hands and try hard to keep it on track and in the process you are bruised badly, you are hurt, you fall, rise, experience the worst and finally when you stop bothering about whether the bruises pain any longer or not….whether you bother any longer if you are clinging onto the reigns or not, that’s when life just takes on itself the control and you can do nothing but watch smiling and thinking so this was it…was it!! :)
So XIMB it will be then…the place where I would pursue my MBA dream…another new beginning.Another hostel room all set to welcome me and become my home for the next two years.Another set of strangers waiting to become acquaintance and then convert to friends.In another two months I would be on a new campus ….which is awaiting to unfold a series of tests,assignments,lectures,presentatitons,friends,night-outs,treats,b-day bumps,grades,vacations,projects….all to be re-lived again.Hope I make the best of it.Hope I stand to its expectations of me….especially since this time pursuing this degree would not just mean me just acquiring my dream of a Post Graduation but a lot more added to it….a lot other things that have gone hand in hand with it…a lot of support and sacrifice to which I need to stand up for…hope all that has started off well will end well one day me standing up for everything… and me posting on that one day just like today…so this was it :)!

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