Thursday, September 21, 2006

Angels in Disguise!!

I remember the day when I was in 3rd standard and had that lesson on best pals in my English Gulmohar Textbook.That was the day I was taught the literal meaning of “Best Friend”.I still remember how me and my fren , who happened to stay in the same building as mine, signed up a bond for being the best ever frens….bcos that’s what we had thot it meant .We thot we need to sign a declaration stating that we henceforth are to be deemed as best frens.And it all begun with this day…the days of innumerable pranks,stealing money from house for candies,exploring surroundings and especially the neighbourhood for delicacies,discovering how the building’s water tank looks from inside,building doll houses,playing on the window parapet on the 7th floor of the building and being chased by the watchman,climbing trees to get that one guava which seems more precious than diamond also,making secret plans to runaway from home,fighting crazily over Barbie dolls,days when games like lock and key and colour colour were a question of life and death when it boiled down to who should keep the den,exchanging lunch boxes in the school,breaking that one single piece of chocolate into thousands of minute equal pieces such that even an inch here and there will be considered as Pakistan encroaching into India’s border…..and lots and lots of those innocent moments of laughter and only laughter,those tension free days of school, which whenever thot of will always seem like a heavenly dream!!All those moments to which you would like to go back and pause life there…..
Then came days of college where there was a slight transition in the concept of frenship.Frenship now seemed a huge possession….u now own ur fren….someone who is completely ur prized possession.Someone who understands u in and out.Friends at whose door you can knock at 2 A.M in the night and say that u are starving and need food to survive and see next day’s sunrise, friends at whose face u can close the door out of irritation and next day u would hear a knock on the door earnestly trying to wake u up in the morning so that u don’t miss ur morning classes,friends with whom you just break up and don’t talk to for one whole semester and then get back and just say a hi and u would be welcomed back as if it was just one day that had passed without speaking to each other,frens whom you can msg at 3 in the night that you are lost and are just not able to do the coding for the assignment that you need to submit the next day and you would have ur assign ready in ur account the next day waiting for submission,frens who mail you being there in the same campus just bcos u complained that ur inbox was empty,frens infront of whom u can admit that u have butterflies in ur stomach bcos u need to give a presentation tomm and practice saying “gudmorning, I am so and so” infront of the crowd,frens with whom u can laugh over the dumbest movies possible on earth and when every die hard emotional scene turns into a comedy,frens who know in which courses u have flunked and managed to achieve a zero,frens who share with u their secret crushes,frens who have actually seen u with ur hair open ,overflowing toothpaste and in ur night dress right out of bed and would be happy to crown u with miss Chudaeil,who secretly send u roses on valentine’s day and frenship’s day just to see ur curiosity,frens with whom u put night outs for all those gossips and enlightening talks which were considered more informative than the BBC news also,frens with whom u hardly spoke on campus and became ur good pals only after passing out by exchanging mails,frens to whom u send all those fwded mails that really touched you and u know that it will touch them the same way........frens with whom u have laughed , cried, fought , enjoyed and shared all ur moments and celebrated life with.Frens who even now keep giving missed calls at the oddest hrs possible just to make u realise u r remembered,frens who call u back if they feel tht something is wrong at ur end……
Probably even if u feel ur world is complete with a very understanding family…..loving parents and mischievous siblings u still need these little angels to complete ur world.Those angels whom you can call all kinds of weird names ,who are as stupid as you are and who would grow along with you facing all those pitfalls , highs and lows and sail all along with you in the same boat.So, when you are down and dejected and you feel there’s just no one around in the harsh world to comfort you all that you need to do is just look around and there you will find your special world of angels surrounding you and they are always there to make you feel special and cared for.My friends – my world of angels, those special people who I know are always there and all I wish for them is wherever they are just hope they keep smiling and may all the happiness in the world be theirs.

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