Saturday, December 26, 2020

Tracing That Silhouette

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And again there I was

Tracing that silhouette

Wondering while I traced

If I should trace it in shades of hues

Or with the gleam of lights

Should I even wait for the symphony 

Or just let hope dance to its own tune

But, would any of it even matter

As aren't shadows meant to be just shadows

Cast in that only shade of grey

Then, why do I each time

Still sit there to adorn them

Like as if, this one time

I will get to touch its apex

And gain that triumph

Over an ever escaping shadow

And in that pursuit again

Perhaps stumble across that wisdom 

That shadows are just meant to be shadows afterall 

Yet, I will still sit there again

And trace its silhouette

Every single time, time and again

Because, to pause in the tracing of those dreams

Is to pause in taking a step ahead

And the journey must continue 

If not as a chase of those shadows ahead

But, for those silhouettes that remain behind etched

Which can only form

If life is not held standstill 

So, that kind of sums it up all :)! Year 2020 had also started with the tracing of dreams and hopes, only to bring in the realisation that this time the shadow that we chased turned out to be a shade darker. But then, as the saying goes... That every dark cloud comprises of that one streak of silver lining.... which we all kind of grabbed on to.... to each their own.... to sail through this year. And while we held on to that lone streak of silver lining with all that it took the ghastly winds of the year 2020 passed through! 

So, here we are welcoming the year 2021 with a renewed hope and with dreams anew as we continue in our journey of life. And as we walk into it let those dreams and hopes soar high filling the path ahead and the canvas of the high skies reaching for every such silver lining, grabbing them by, just in case. 

Wishing one and all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021 ahead. 

Peace, Health & Contentment :)

PS : This blog post is a part of the Welcome 2021 Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.


  1. Your poems have such deep meanings, Ira. A thoughtful morning indeed, reading this beautiful masterpiece from your brilliant pen.

    "Tracing that silhouette ....
    ...Which can only form
    If life is not held standstill"

    How profound!

    Loved it 😘

  2. Such a beautiful and thought provoking poem dear. Enjoyed reading it. Wishing you an amazing 2021 ❤️

  3. Look, how gracefully you have explained the importance of hope in our lives, Ira. Yes, let's not stop hoping and continue finding the silver lining even in the darker clouds. This year has offered us some finest life skills, let's take them along to be better prepared for the unexpected next time.
    Wishing you a very Happy and prosperous year too!!

  4. The beauty of your words play hide and seek with light and darkness. What a beautiful metaphor you have used to represent the year. Truly, the year has been covered with darkness yet we found some silver lining there, too. And that's how life keeps going. A very beautifully penned poem and wonderful thoughts in between the lines. Thanks for joining us in the blog hop dear. GratefulπŸ˜‡ πŸ™πŸ» Wish you a great year ahead. - Swarnali

  5. Indeed, we made it through with our own silver lining. Here's to a new year full of new hopes and dreams. Beautiful words, Ira. ❤

  6. Loved the way you encompassed the whole emotion into beautiful poetic lines. This year has brought with itself not just surprises and dark shades but self realization and discovery too. A very well articulated write up πŸ‘Œ.

  7. Let's leave the dark clouds in 2020 n look forward to a brighter year. Loved the poem Ellora. Wish you a wonderful year ahead. Stay safe!

  8. How beautifully you have weaved the words that tells us the story of hopes and dreams. Completely resonate with your thoughts. May this new year fulfill all our hopes and dreams that we we put on hold in 2020.

    Archana Srivastava

  9. We have to think positively for 2021.if ever there was a year where we needed to believe in the power of positive thought as envisioned in the book The Secret, this coming year is it for us all.

  10. I love reading your poems this is again a beautiful one. I hope everyone can see the silver lining in the dark clouds like you do.

  11. It is a really beautiful write-up. I liked the idea of silhouette and how the journey must continue. You described the year so accurately.

  12. I always love reading your expression of thoughts.. so much hope and even more compassion..

  13. Beautiful poem, tracing the silhouette, chasing the shadow only to find it turn darker ... deep .. I know 2020 has been like that. Ruchi Nasa

  14. Such a brilliant take on the prompt and I loved how you ended the poem with lot of positivity. πŸ₯° Yes, only good vibes fir a new year and a new beginning πŸ¦‹. Wishing you too a rocking year ahead filled with health and happiness πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ§‘

  15. With very little words you have summed up such a great thought for this year. And I feel there is more than one meaning to every reader has his own perception. It's amazing to start with one positive hope in the new year. Cheer to you dear. - Urvashi, Damuru Creation

  16. With brilliantly written lines, sums up the for the whole year. Let's hope the next year to be more hopeful....

  17. Your poem brings so much of positivity. Yes, that silver lining is the ray of hope.It helped us in saying put on not loosing hope.

  18. Your poem is brimming with Hope and evolvement!! How we need to continuously endure and be resilient, because that is the Gist of life and the best instinct to live by!! Awesome poemπŸ˜πŸ‘

  19. So true Ira, everyone has to find their own streak of silver to hang on to, as we all Wade through tough times.

  20. That was like a whiff of the fresh year with the New Year just around the corner. Wishing you all the happiness in the New Year

  21. 2020 has prepared us for the worst in our life so now we can have a positive outlook for the coming year.

    - Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom

  22. How beautiful you weave words, Ira. A beautiful depiction of this pandemic year. Your poem brims with hope, positivity and new beginning.

  23. What a thought provoking poem. "Tracing that silhoutte..." my goodness, those lines just stayed with me Ira. Your poem is oozing out positivity amidst the chaoes and tough times.

  24. Such a beautiful poem Ira! I know that 2021 is going to be brilliant! For you and for me!

  25. May be we have to be more determined this year to be more careful.
    Happy to visit again.
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  26. Such beautiful words ... Gives hope for a better 2021

  27. Loved the beautiful poem and the optimistic tone of your post. Wishing you a wonderful 2021.

  28. I read and reread your poem, Ellora! Love how conveyed so beautifully about manifesting our dreams amid the passing dark times.

  29. Beautiful piece of poetry. Your deep words resonate so much with us Ellora. The best bit is how you weave hope into everything that you write.

  30. Very interpretative piece of poetry....loved to read after a long pause from blogworld....will reread...
    Till then I shall ponder which are silhouettes and which are thelighted faces of dreams and hopes....and whuch let other reveal more in essence...