Monday, June 15, 2020

The Lake

Like a bottomless pit
It lied there still knit
It's whispers heard
Only in the ripples
And whenever they rose
Not a leaf shivered
Nor the wind froze
Stealthily they came
And silently they slept
In those deep recesses
Into which slowly they crept
The echo of that silence
Deafeningly resonated inside
While the mountains on the side
With awe kept admiring
The beauty of the ripples outside
In that labyrinth of the ripples
The whispers yearned for the calm
Which only the moon lit glittery night
With a smile promised to provide
From behind the mountains
When the dawn broke again
The sky lit with the bright light
But the ripples had all vanished 
Having embraced the night long gone
Finally, away from the chaos of silence
To rest in that deep slumber of peace
Only the bottomless pit remained behind
As neither the tears nor the rain
Could ever fill it again

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  1. As if I find myself sitting by the lake...the ripples come and go...carrying wishes from and to the mountain...upon the wings of the northern breeze the whispers flow...the moonshines wipe the night's raise it fairer for a dawn to rise...
    In all dynamics of nature, the soul speaks to itself...the peace hides in slumber, so do the ripples...only the void remains eternally ignored, unloved and untouched...
    I love the imagery that the poem creates in readers' mind.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts sir... Your words are more beautiful than what I mumbled

  2. Oh Ira... What lovely imagery. Heart breakingly true.

  3. This is an absolute stunner Ira! Loved it.

  4. Beautifully penned ! I miss the lakes, the sea...

    1. Thanks so much Pratikshya for stopping by 😊