Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Unknown Connections.....

So,  this February....the so called month of other words..... connections....I thought let me try and recollect all those small connections known and unknown....and see how many I can here it goes

We had just shifted in.....S joined office....and I was at home trying to set everything.....suddenly the door bell rang and an elderly lady almost in her nineties asked me.....have you just shifted in my girl....busy unpacking are u....u look just like my grand daughter......u must have not set your kitchen still....please have these will be filling for lunch.....wait I will send in my maid.....she will help you with all the setting.....

I was new in Mumbai.... Took a BEST bus from office to station....for the first time was experiencing the crowded bus and rains of Mumbai where I couldn't find my own legs and hands after getting into the bus let alone was raining heavily and the traffic just stopped at a certain point and just didn't budge.....all the people in the bus got down making you forcibly get down along with them.....after getting off I had no clue where I was.....decided to follow the crowd assuming they must be going to the station.....but everyone seemed to be running without a care for getting drenched....and when it came to crossing the road in front of VT... I was zapped....I just couldn't cross and my umbrella broke with the wind. ....just then an unknown guy asked....shall I help. ..Before I answered he held my hand and helped me cross the road....and while crossing he took out a spare umbrella....gave it to me and said. trees keep falling in the wind.... make sure u hold the umbrella tightly above your head.....and before I could thank him he disappeared in the crowd

Again it was raining heavily one day.....and with great difficulty I had caught the local and reached Wadala station.....but just could not find a single taxi for home.....after a long wait.....decided to walk down....wading through water up-to waist.....could see water snakes wading around in all the dirt and my heart skipped a beat.....just then a taxi guy stopped and said madam aa jao aap.....main chod deta hoon....he fit in as many women as he could fit in in his taxi and dropped us all

One day I had got really late in office....and was terribly tired....desparately trying to keep myself awake in the taxi.....suddenly the driver asked madam bura na mano toh main aap ke saath baat Karun.....aapko bhi Neend nahi aayegi and Mujhe bhi... .He spoke about his journey and hardships from UP to Mumbai and his family back home... His dream of buying a home in his village....and when my stop came and I got off....I forgot my laptop in his taxi.....and walked inside the society to my building.. .And he came running behind to handover the laptop!!

I used to take a fixed taxi in the morning to day when it was raining heavily.....I came down my office building thinking today finding a taxi to station itself will be a challenge forget about home.....and almost made up my mind to look for a bus when I saw a taxi right in front of the office gate ....and it was the same taxi that I used to take in the morning.....madam aaj Bahut baarish thi....mujhe laga aapko taxi chahiye hoga ghar lautne ko!!

I was sitting in the waiting area for my doctor to come.....a little person with a broken leg along with his wife came and sat beside me....and started conversing.....the way he described his diagnosis of TB and it's long treatment was heart rending...but it was overwhelming to see the humorous way in which he put across each aspect.....I asked him what happened to his leg.....and he said oh that.. ..I was trying to play quidditch....and he winked...... and just then my turn came to go in.....and I was already all smiles.....

Our car had broke down in the middle of a busy highway and S and me were wondering what to do....three executives were standing at the bus stop with blazer and all....suddenly came and started helping with pushing the car and getting it started

I was quietly having breakfast at a corner in the canteen......lost that I had my checkup on that day.....and just couldn't take my mind off it.....suddenly a friend cum colleague just appeared from no where and sat across the table with his took few seconds for me to register.....and  he pulled me out of my trance.....

And to many more such unknown connections which always leave you short of words!!


  1. So true. Sometimes the kindness of strangers can leave such a positive impact on our life. These are the little things that we always remember fondly.

    1. Thanks so much Subroto for your time. As you rightly the little things in life are which leave a big impact :)!

  2. Mumbai meri jaan! I can very well understand your emotions. I have spent a good 23 years of my life in Mumbai and it doesn't stop amazing me every single time I pay a visit there!

    1. Thanks Mrunalini. Mumbai is indeed a city which has the power to steal your soul irrespective of the time one spends there :)!