Saturday, February 16, 2019

One day when she was very tired
And didn't want to go home tired to her loved ones
She looked around for a wall
To lean on
And to her surprise
She found a wall right there infront
The wall had always been there
But she had never noticed it earlier
May be her need made her notice the wall
But there the wall was
Standing tall...... right there
She leaned on the wall for a while
And vented out all her tiredness
All the while the wall was hearing quietly
She was glad that the wall absorbed it all
The wall never said anything
And she too never heard the wall
All of a sudden
She turned to look at the wall and asked
Were you listening
The wall didn't answer
That's when she realised
The wall could only hear
Afterall it was just a wall
But somehow she felt nice
That the wall could only hear
She didn't want the wall to listen
She never wanted the wall to listen
But she also knew
The wall will grow tired of hearing one day
And she will grow tired of the wall one day
She gave the wall a smile
As smile was all she could give in return
And left.....

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