Monday, February 04, 2019

No Strings Attached!!

So,  recently I happened to meet one of my bestest friends who was travelling to India on a vacation after long.....and as we sat conversing....we got into discussion on developing attachments.....and that's what got me thinking......

She is not the first person telling me that she doesn't develop emotional attachment with people.....I have been hearing it from few people (at least 2 of them I can think off.....who have told me the exact same sentence) what exactly do they mean by not developing any emotional it like they don't have any expectations from the opposite person or is it like out of sight is out of mind types. 

This reminds me off a very good friend I had few years I had this habit of switching off my phone after reaching home from office and this friend of mine taunted me so much on this habit of mine that he ensured I don't switch off my phone after reaching much so that he used to give a call daily and speak for at least 30-40 min even if it was nonsense talk.....just to take me off the habit.....then one day he got an onsite opportunity.....and left abroad for work.....and he just never kept in touch....and it really took some time for me to adjust to the fact that there will be no evening calls (yeah I am bad at adjusting to practicality...I get attached to non-living things....forget about living beings) .....everytime someone talks off out of sight is out of mind and all I get reminded of this friend of mine.....a true example.....but I have never understood what exactly happens.....I can understand not keeping in touch....because it's probably impossible to keep in touch with every friend of yours.....even I, who gets attached to things at the drop of the hat (something I am not proud off.....)  find it difficult to keep in touch with people......but do you never get reminded of the person that possible....does that happen.....

May be it people are so occupied these days that some people even time their lunch in such a way so as to not waste 5-10 minutes of their precious work time......then how can I even think of people finding time to remember long lost friends who are out of sight. I must be stupid!!

I was reading this article today which said find some time and talk to helps in reducing stress levels.....and I really don't know if that will help.....who is interested to speak to you to reduce your stress levels.....forget about strangers I don't think even friends are free to do that most of the times.....people are just so much into themselves and their work these days....sometimes it's just mind boggling....infact it irritates them if someone is trying to be friendly and eating into their time!!

But in this so called busy world there still are people ( you may call them I am :P) .....I had met once two people on my bus who had described their job to they had got out from corporate race and had started something of their passionate they were of the product they were trying to sell....what their hobbies were.....come to think of it.....even in this busy schedule they found time to follow their was into photography of birds....he spent all his free time on shooting them.....and other one was fond of marathons......they showed me snaps of their family too (quite a bit for being strangers) total strangers whom I had met on a bus.....who were full of life.....and I even remember them telling me they felt claustrophobic in my office (where they had come to sell their product) because everyone seems so grim and grave.....not so much of a smile even!!

So yeah may be the article says it right....talking to complete strangers sometimes does probably help because you have no strings don't expect just speak and listen.....if the conversation goes great.....well and good.... Doesn't go good you won't even remember it.....and it's always good in a way too.....because you never get to meet the stranger even if you got carried away and said stays with the need to bother about it ever again!! 

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