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Friday, April 03, 2020

C for The Clock On The Mantle Piece !!!

The clock on the mantle piece kept ticking
Tick tock tick tock tick tock
That slow monotonous rythm
Which with each passing hour
Only seemed to grow louder and louder
Breaking the morbid silence around
But today it seemed to provide a strange comfort
That solace of unfaltering solidarity
Kind of the last straw to cling on
In this merciless flowing uncertainty
As the need of the hour
I pondered when was the last time
I had paid heed to it's rhythm
Or for that matter anyone did
Probably on some other such day in the past
When the silences had blared over
And I couldn't fail to admire it's loyalty
To consistently keep ticking
All this while, for all those days, all the years
Amidst all the uncalled false cacophony
Unnoticed and taken granted for always
But unfading in it's duty
I gazed at the cuckoo clock
And couldn't even applaud
Fearing that it will fall short
Half apologetic and with half a plead
As I looked up
The clock kept ticking away
Silently into the silence, as ever

PS: Dedicated to all the essential service providers

Posted for the letter C as part of #BlogchatterA2Z 2020 challenge 

Thursday, April 02, 2020

B for Beauty!!

Today wasn't the first day
Nor was it the last
She was in front of it again
The mirror, that hung there steadfast
With that all-time vigour in it's demeanour
But the mirror never does lie
She was reminded being told time and again
And so, she too had harboured that belief
Every single time she had looked into it
There was the starkness of it all
Her stubbornly dishevelled hair
With eyes too big to contain
Maybe a flawless skin would have helped
Or not such a prominent nose
Even if she broke into a smile
She tried to conceal it, even from the mirror
Her unembellished teeth
A habit that had edified since her acquaintance
With that lifeless, yet invincible foe
But today was different
Not because she had learnt to beheld herself
Or because she had grown to realize
She was the only beholder
But because, today she herself brought home
And adorned a mirror
To finally acknowledge
It's age-old earnest agreeance
And admire the beauty of the mirror
Just like it had been admiring her's ever since

Posting as a part of A to Z blogging challenge #BlogchatterA2Z 2020 for letter B

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

A for Apocalypse !!!

So, it was confirmed
Not anymore a concocted tale
Or a figment of imagination
But very much a reality
Just about a door's knock away
Awaited the apocalypse anyway
And all you could do
Was only wait with baited breath
Behind the closed door
For this, too, to pass
And pass this will too
But will it be the same again
Didn't they say, it will never be so
But I wonder, what is that change
That will come to be
Every single ray of the novel concern
That has now replaced the sunshine
The community of yesteryear strangers
That has gathered to form all around
The far and near ones coming to life
That were lost so long in the virtual world
Are these all to stay
All that which has risen
From their forgotten pyre
Like another unfathomable pheonix
Or will they all also pass
Alongwith the apocalypse
Perhaps this ain't about the apocalypse afterall
Maybe this is about all the epiphany moments
Far and few between
That are here and to manifest
Which are to remain
As the other end of the fathomless imagination
Long after the doors open

This post is for alphabet 'A' of the #BlogchatterA2Z 2020 challenge

Sunday, February 16, 2020

What's There In Roses?!!

And what's so special about you
Asked the stem to the rose
What's there in roses anyway
Don't you also just wilt away
How can you symbolise love
Any better than me
When you are not eternal either
Who said love is eternal
Smiled the rose and anwered
Wilt away I sure will
But for that one day
Sometime... somewhere....
In the far future
When a wilted frail me
Will drop down
From the yellowed pages of a book
Stored away safely
Behind the dust laden racks
A frailed hand
With a withering memory
Might just pick me up
Trying to get a closer look at me
And the memory of love
That I will bring back
Of this very day
Is what is eternal

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Life, As We Know It!!

As the lone bird perched on the tree top
Sat there in her solitude
Forlorn, she couldn't help envying
The blissful life of the tree
How life must be, she imagined
To not to be a wanderer
With no quest for daily bread
Blessed must be thou she thought
For leading a life so anchored
With the permanence of each passing day
Away from the daily tyrsts
Serene and peaceful
Oh, how I wish...if only I were you
Life would have been such a blessing

As the lone tree stood there
In her solitude
Forlorn, she couldn't help envying
The blissful life of the bird
How life must be, she imagined
To be a wanderer
And not rooted to a life that was still
Blessed must be thou she thought
To have been gifted with those wings to fly
And every day an escapade
With the daily challenges to conquer
Zestful and adventurous
Oh, how I wish... if only I were you
Life would have been such a blessing

As the lamp post stood there
In it's solitude
Forlorn, it couldn't help envying
How blessed must they be
The tree and the bird
For living a life, it could only hope to imagine
Blessed must be thou it thought
To get to live each day
Feel the warmth of the first ray of the Sun
And breathe in the air around
Just to cherish that feeling of being alive
Buoyant and Exuberant
Oh, how I wish.... If only I were any of you
Life, must be such a blessing

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Just Another Day!!

And all for those few
Unrealised moments of treasure
That had all gone unacknowledged
Like a day in the past
That had come and passed stealthily
Oblivious to the mind's eye as always
Just like another day's routine
A day that had begun with the misty dawn
With the same indistinct chirping melody
In the background of the familiar cacophony
Of blaring honks zooming past
As life seemingly bypassed
I the leaf hung there as usual
Nonchalantly waiting for
Yet another day to pass
Expecting the same scurrying of hurried steps
Running past without so much of a glance
As I blissfully camouflaged with the others
But there was something amiss that one day
When a passerby had paused in his step
Trying to capture that very moment
In the snap of a click
And more eyes that had followed suite
Infectious curiousness of the kids piercing the still air
Compelling the occupied moms to halt and note
And all the other plants nearby taking a peek
Discovering the ever so inconspicuous me
What's so very special
I'm just a frost bitten green little leaf
But alas, for my cognizance had eluded me
And even the hovering of the fluttering little wings
Didn't make me realise of my special day
Till I heard a voice bidding farewell
Adieu! said the the glistening morning dew
Why adieu, I asked intrigued
Will you not be here again on the morrow
And one by one the dew drops evaporated gradually
That was the last day of frost this year
As the last drop remained yet to vanish
I tried with all my might to hold on to it
And pleaded....I wish I had realised sooner
I would have savoured every single moment
But isnt that always true in hindsight...the drop mocked
Therefore, it's best I remain delicately bubble wrapped
And hold my value as a surreal reminiscence
Unlike the daily occurrence
Which will always be undervalued till it ends
Whilst you await
For your ever so distinguished rare moments
Hope you don't let them pass
The short lived common ones
Which might always seem
To be just another day

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Without An Epilogue !!

And one fine morning, there it was.... standing outside the Witch's door.....waiting with patience.... to befriend for eternity ...or so it promised!! Maybe it just wandered around....and landed there.... out of nowhere. Or for all you know.... maybe it was a mere coincidence afterall that it was right there..... when the Witch's glance fell on it!But then isn't life all about mere coincidences..... atleast in hindsight for sure!

Just like the mere coincidence of seeing that living breathing thing.... with a bark made of wood....  reminded the Witch of a day in the past...of another such coincidence ...that had ended without an epilogue! (Well, so much for being a Witch... to have hoped for atleast an epilogue from a wooden thing... She should have known better!!) A day that she had scrubbed off her memory.... and come to terms with.... but the traces of which remained....hidden inconspicuously with the skeletons of similar.... in her dreams somewhere. And sometimes.... deep in her slumber they all came together to haunt.... clad in white...ghost like..... but very much alive....chasing her... clawing their way back.....endorsing and re-endorsing their presence! And when she woke up with a start.... she was greeted with that familiar mock of those very ghosts... like you thought we could ever be forsaken!

It must be a sign...the witch thought....for what else could it be! Or maybe this time it will be a different experience....with a different end...a subdued tiny voice said from inside! Or am I again getting trapped in the same web of hope....a bait woven by my heart as always.....pondered the Witch! For that unmistakably is the smirk of my mind.... And I can hear it clearly say.... "Again... Really?!...gosh you ought to be brave" For all those innumerable smirks.... Instead if only that Pandora's box could just device a way out of the heart's say!  And they all keep saying listen to the heart... Huh, then how come at the end it's always the mind that ends up with that annoying nod saying... And I said so didn't I!! 

But maybe that's because the mind always believed in finite and always will..... whereas the heart as always is stubbornly tilted otherwise! Maybe that's why it's always the braveheart... And not the mind!! And come to think of it.... If hope was all finite ....then how would life have turned out to be!! So, for the sake of that myth called hope (just like eternity!!)....and that devil called hope.... only for it's sole sake... It was probably still worthwhile to believe in that mirage of infinite coincidences!And that so called hope..... or is it hoping against hope.... that out of those many coincidences ....maybe not all... for sure not all... but for those few ....just for those very few.... of the many..... that might be an epiphany!!Worthwhile even if it's just a placebo effect... what say!! Afterall hope has no epilogue.... does it!! 

So, yet again.... perched on her window sill...sat the gift.... accepted.....very much with it's wooden bark.... and the hope of a new promise again..... if not of eternity but of green leaves .....and maybe of an epilogue this time around!