Friday, December 28, 2018

Wake up Sid!!

I have been longing to watch this movie since some time .....and finally this weekend I got the chance to watch it.....again (don't know how many times. ..Lost the count) !! One of my all time favourite movies....every time I have watched the movie .....I have simply loved it!!

Konkana Sen''s character just reminds me of the first time I came to this city ...Mumbai......S had warned me of the harshness of this city....and he was so protective that he even had made me rehearse going to office taking the local train on one of the weekends before my joining into my first job post MBA.

But I still remember that day one....when I had walked down to the station all alone...I had let 2-3 trains pass...scared seeing the crowd....and finally had got into one....When I got down in VT....I just didn't know which way to go...the crowd just had seemed overwhelming.....and like a scared little mice I had just followed the crowd to get out of the station...again lost as to which way to go for office!! And today. ..I just love to roam around the city all alone....without any qualms!!

First day of independence was real scary.....And from that day to today I dont know how and exactly when I fell in love with this city Mumbai....another one of those things which I just didn't realise when it happened!! I may complain....I may be angry with the city for its harshness.....but I know I am in love with it....After all you shower all your anger/complaints on things you love and care about the most....!!

And as the movie at the end your busy schedule you just don't realise who are those special someone's who have helped you develop the connect with as harsh a city as Mumbai....helped you not only adapt to it but also fall in love with it.....just take a moment and reflect and you will find them....maybe right in front of you as well. ..Which u hadn't been realising all along!! 

So for me....if I reflect.....Apart from the obvious spouse factor there have been many friends.....who had been part of the Mumbai journey....and not to forget those who if not physically present here in Mumbai are virtually always there!!

RB and NB the virtual shadows who will always follow....wherever I go, T....the moonh bola brother...who never forgot to get homemade Bhel and Mirchi pickle for me....being a hard core vegetarian had helped me buy fish from the wholesale Colaba fish market....the smell of which can kill even a hard core non-vegetarian, VJ....the over protective fren....who ensured I reached home safe and checked on me whenever S travelled....came hunting for me when I had lost my way once, only South Indian connect to my home town.....Who ensured to get that delicious tamarind rice made for me every time his mom visited, NJ and partners/sisters in crime, AB....salute your illogical patience levels.....had it not been for you guys....!!!You guys are the reason for my love for Mumbai!! 

I wish there was some way to repeat each of the moments spent with you guys....I still remember the pain of parting from each one of you....Life is so strange that only after you part from a close person you realise that person's presence and value. Why can't we just realise the importance when they are right there infront of us....why do we take things for granted....I guess there will never be a logic to this!!

But anyways, good movies,books and music probably are the means to take you back in time and remind you of each and every special person or special moment of your life!! Kudos to Wake up Sid!! Now let me watch Dil Chahta relive some Engg memories as well :)!!


  1. Beautiful homage to the city clearly! I can relate to what you have written here, may complain and curse everyday at the city, the crowds, the happenings and all, but cant imagine living/working anywhere else! The energy and verve of the place more than compensate for all the negativity we would associate with the place. Very well written!

    1. Thanks so much for the appreciation :)!